Collection: Don’t Let Them Disappear Babywear

Over 1 million animal species are at the risk of extinction as a direct result of human actions. In just under 50 years wildlife numbers have dropped by 60%.

When it comes to tigers, we have wiped out over 97% of the worlds entire population. With only three out of every hundred that actually survive in the wild. 

Our owner & founder Sacha has a background in Wildlife Conservation, and spent time in South Africa working with rescued tigers. Sacha’s great love for these majestic creatures really shines through in this collection.

Our 'Don’t Let Them Disappear' collection gives parents and opportunity to raise these important important topics if conversations with their kids from a young age, but in a very unique and fun way. This design, like our others, is extremely authentic and exclusive to Zizo. Your child will stand out from the crowd, feel super proud, and look extremely cool. 

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