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We have made our bucket hats using organically grown bamboo towelling & rain-fed organic cotton. Bamboo as a fabric is much more absorbent than cotton, absorbing 60% more moisture and drying 20% faster, making it an obvious choice for our bucket hats. Making them oerfect for life outdoors & salty beach days. 

Bamboo fabrics also have several insulating properties that influence heat exchange. In warm weather, bamboo fabrics feel fresh while also providing added protection against the chill of a cold day. Bamboo provides natural UV protection and can filter up to 97.5% of harmful UV rays. This makes it the ideal fabric to have next to your skin on hot days with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Bamboo is hypoallergenic, which means that it does not trigger any allergic reactions. This unique property of bamboo is particularly welcome for those who have sensitive skin or suffer with allergies.





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