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The family behind Zizo are huge animal lovers and spend a lot of their time volunteering for animal activism.

As part of their activism and commitment towards sustainability, the Ben Elmansour family live a plant based/Vegan lifestyle. Because as many of you may know, animal agriculture is the third leading cause of climate change.

Inspired by their lifestyle & hopes for the future, ‘Plant Power’ was created to give parents an opportunity to start conversations with their kids surrounding sustainability, animal agriculture, veganism and climate change, from a young age. Encouraging families to make a real effort to become more conscious about what they’re consuming. 

Plants have power to heal the world and so do we. Small actions by 7.9 Billion WILL MAKE A HUGE CHANGE for the future of our planet. We are never too small to make a difference. 

I mean, if plants can provide enough nutrients for huge animal such as Gorillas, Rhinos and Bison, then it’s a testament for what they can do for us.

Each garment from our ‘Plant Power’ range is also Peta Approved Vegan. Meaning we never use animal testing or products and pledge never to do so. 

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