Our Story

Our founder Sacha Ben Elmansour is an environmental and animal activist based in the coastal village of Dunmore East. The birth of her son Zayn (who she calls Zizo), really set things in motion, and she began her journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.

After being in the corporate grind for many years, Sacha started Zizo as a passion project, after struggling to find sustainable clothing that fit with her style. What once began as a project, soon grew into a long list of people who wanted her designs, and Zizo was born. 

With a background in Wildlife Conservation, Sacha has a strong connection to animals which you will see shine through the designs and clothing. Inspired by her past and the current climate, each design is infused with her passions and hopes for the future. Some of her designs include ‘Don’t let them disappear’, ‘Save Our Oceans’ and ‘Plant Power’.

As part of her commitment towards sustainability, Sacha lives a vegan lifestyle. Gazing out into the wide open sea everyday is very grounding and quickly reminds her of the mission which she set for herself. Helping to create a better future for her son.