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Zizo, the conscious clothing brand

BABY ‘Plant Power’ Organic Cotton Slouchy Dungarees

BABY ‘Plant Power’ Organic Cotton Slouchy Dungarees

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Zizo is a family run business from Waterford. We are a huge animal lovers and live a Vegan lifestyle. Climate and Animal activism is a huge part of our lives and we try to live a more sustainable lifestyle day by day.

At Zizo it’s our mission is to help create a better future for our planet by highlighting Environmental and Social issues through our designs and clothing.

As many of you may know, animal agriculture is the third leading cause of climate change. This is why we created  our exclusive ‘Plant Power’ design, which was inspired by our great love for animals and climate change. 

We believe that this authentic design will allow parents an opportunity to open conversations with their kids surrounding Sustainability and Climate Change. But in a fun and unique way. Our hope is that this will encourage families to make a real effort to become more conscious about what they’re consuming. 

As you guys know, plants have power to heal, the power to feed, the power to change and save the world. And so do we. We are never too small to make a different. Small actions by 7.9 Billion WILL MAKE A HUGE CHANGE for the future of our planet. 

I mean, if plants can provide enough nutrients for huge animal such as Gorillas, Rhinos and Bison, then it’s a testament for what they can do for us.


These come with button poppers in the inside leg for easy nappy changes

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